Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I know it is a good sign...

My morning sickness is starting to get worse!! It is hard being on the verge of losing your breakfast while changing diapers and carrying around a squirmy baby. All I want to do is eat my crackers and stay in bed for a few hours until it passes...

It does make things seem more real. I still haven't seen or heard the little one. So I guess I should be happy that I know things are still going OK in there, but I can't wait for the second trimester!

And just because I think he is adorable, and I miss him a whole lot. Here is a picture of Frizzy my 14 year old puppy. Florida is too far away.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Beginning

So, where do I begin this new blogging adventure. My main purpose here is to show off my beautiful little Lady Bug, Avery Charlotte. I think she is much more interesting than I am most of the time. I am sure I will share things about myself as well, and the little Bumble Bee in my belly. For the moment I will just share some pictures from our trip to the park yesterday. Just look at her CLIMBING UP the slide! She can barely walk on her own and yet she just charged right up the slide to go play. She also enjoyed swinging for a while, but of course wanted to take off the hat. So, in conclusion to this debut post: Hi, I am Maile and I hope you enjoy reading about my little girl and at least find me somewhat amusing!