Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Purple Kind of Day

A year ago today the world lost a smile. Lost a giggle, lost precious curls, lost bright blue eyes with a golden sparkle. A year ago we lost a little girl, Madeline Spohr. Lives are forever changed. Nothing will take the pain away, but still today we wore purple, because we will never forget her, even though we never met.

I treasure every moment I have with my girls. I wish Annabel could know her big sister the way Isabel gets to know Avery.

Maddie you are loved always, never forgotten. 


  1. What a touching post. Isn't it crazy how often you think about that little girl on your sidebar, (on mine too) even though you never met her?

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  3. I bet Maddie would smile knowing how many lives she has touched...and will touch.
    Your daughters are adorable and I'm so glad you have the time to spend with them.
    Hugs, Maria

  4. I never knew about this until I read it on your FB. So sad.