Friday, November 12, 2010

Could I BE any more distracted?

I keep meaning to post here and then I find something else to do instead... you know, like change a diaper (awesome!) or eat some cheese (don't worry I totally wash my hands after I changed that diaper... I think...) or spin in circles and try to do the Hot Dog dance while keeping my boobs from bouncing out of my old stretched out nursing bra.  I know I am like the epitome of hotness! Try not to be jealous, OK!

Really though I have been just absorbed in watching my girls. Avery is learning so fast I find myself just staring and watching her observing things and figuring out how things work. Her vocabulary is growing like crazy with both good words and bad... Daddy likes to say fuck a little too much and Mommy has a tendency to yell out DAMN IT HUMPHREY!! When our precious little kitty tries to tackle my legs while I am attempting to go up or down the stairs... (luckily she hasn't picked up my dear husbands other favorite phrase... Douche bag...)

Isabel also keeps me busy with her fun game of squirming to get away and whacking at my face while screeching and then screaming and trying to climb back onto me the second I put her down... Also, shoving random things into her mouth and then crawling away at full speed. She will be 10 months on the 21st and I have a feeling she will be walking by then. She is growing up too fast! It is making my baby fever even worse!! Of course my husband can't wait to get snipped...

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