Friday, February 26, 2010

Not a boy

I think my daughter is just the prettiest little girl.  Her hair is short, but I don't think this makes her look like a boy. Of course people always assume she is... GRR.  One woman actually asked me if I cut her hair to look like this... sorry, no, it just doesn't seem to want to grow very fast.

I am not against my girls wearing pink and frills, but I am not going to limit their wardrobes just so they can be "girly". If my girls want to be tomboyish, that is fine by me. If they want to cut their hair short also fine!

I used to have short hair. Of course I had tits then so no one thought I was a boy...most people just assumed I was gay... THANKS!! (nothing wrong with being gay, just makes it hard to get a date when guys dont think you are interested)

Yeah, that would be me as a junior in highschool.

P.S I like men!!

P.P.S Short hair is for lazy people!

1 comment:

  1. Haha! I have a bold girl and get the "how old is your boy?" question all the time. I mostly dress her in hand-me-downs and a lot of them are not pink - could care less. And I am jealous of any girl who looks great with short hair!