Saturday, March 6, 2010

So exciting I can hardly contain myself

Both girls up at 6am... I blame Humphrey, he's a crier. I am not a fan of anytime before 10am

Throw together random breakfast of stuff on a tray because we were out of milk and yogurt and fresh fruit and clean bowls...

Finally get myself and girls dressed (super cute matching outfits, the girls outfits that is. I just wear the one pair of pants that fit and any clean easy access shirt)

First stop, Target.  And they are remodeling so I wandered around trying to find things having some anxiety issues because I don't know where anything is and I couldn't find any good pajamas for Avery. At least I remembered to get kitty litter...

On to Trader Joes! My favorite place to shop (I might enjoy shopping for clothes if I had any Idea what size I wear in non maternity)

Usual ooh's ad aaah's over my super cute babies! Avery waves to people and says "hiyeee". Isabel fell asleep in the wrap.

I totally bought  ice cream.

Came home.

Managed to soak my shirt with breast milk... a few times.

Ate 3, yes 3 burger patties (I'm just going to pretend it's because I'm a milk machine)

Threw together a bunch of random stuff on a tray for Avery's dinner.

Bed time for Avery

Bath time for Isabel (she is sooo cute in the water!)

Oh, look my shirt is wet again...

I totally ate some ice cream

End scene

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  1. so glad you commented on my site cuz, now, I think I love you. And not in that lazy short-haired lesbian way.